Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer in review

Yes, Yes I know it has been almost two whole months now since I have blogged a new post! Where have I been? I am not really sure myself and lets face it, I really don't even have a very good excuse for you! Anyway I thought I would do a little summer in review starting out with the 4th of July (I know that was like a year ago now!)
Hailey thoroughly enjoyed herself this year, she awed at every fire work and enjoy all the bright lights and colors.

Makayla was not as excited, but as soon as the fire works really started going she calmed down and was mesmerized.

And she borrowed big sister's sweater.


Hailey is officially potty trained. She has been for about a month now and has been doing fabulous. She was being so so so stubborn about it, refusing to even let panties come any where near her, let alone be put on her. But as soon as my sister Shelly and her kids got here and I told her that all of them wear big kid undies she was suddenly excited about also wearing them. I will have to remember to invite Shelly and her kids to town for every big event in Hailey's life that she is being stubbern about! She was even getting up in the middle of the night and calling for me to come take her to go to the bathroom. Than five nights in a row this week she wet the bed. Oh well she is still doing great during the day and that's all I can hope for right now!

Hailey has also just absolutely loved her new friends in town:

Playing at Pioneer Park

Or at the splash park in Castle Rock Park

I think that Hailey has started to really grow up lately. She still has melt-downs and absolutely bad days but she is also starting to learn how to play nicely with friends, share and be kind. A huge Thank You to Shelly and her kids for being so nice to Hailey and such a good example!


Makayla is just on the verge of walking. In fact today she took one step by herself. But don't think that by not walking it slows her down in any way. She is the fastest crawler and very good at cruising around on anything that she can get hers hand on, the couches, chairs, the walls, peoples legs, anything! It is funny to see her trying to keep up with the "big kids". They run downstairs and she is right behind them, if they are outside, she starts to scream till I let her go out there with them. If Hailey and the other kids are having fun she wants to be right there in the middle of the action with them.

She is still the baldest baby in like a 100 mile radious but peach fuzz is showing itself. She only has half of one tooth on the bottom, which I find a little alarming, (shouldn't she have about 6 by now?) and she is getting very attached to the blanket that I made her last summer (which I love!).

Last week I was washing her blanket at my Mom's house and when I put it in the drying she went up to the door and stared at it, then she looked up at me and started crying for it. It was the saddest, cuttest thing that I have ever seen!

This last Tuesday Justin and I decided to take the girls on a bike ride around the Riverfront Park area. After riding for about an hour and a half, we stopped down by the river to "dip our feet in". Some how it quickly went from dipping our feet in to:

going waste high

to eating mud,

to going practically all the way in

to just about rolling around in the mud.

Any way the girls had a blast and I guess that's all that really matters. So we have had a pretty fun summer! I will try not to let another two months pass me by before I do my next post!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun At The Pool & Well Child Check-ups

This week we have gone to Pioneer Park twice for some free lunch (for kids 18 and younger) and some fun in the kiddie pool. The girls have been having lots of fun, surprisingly Makayla is much more brave in the water then Hailey is. She just dives right in while Hailey is testing the temps with her pinkie toe.

Tonight for dinner we had the good old stand by; spaghetti. Makayla got nice and dirty stuffing her face.

Hailey was getting so mad at me and her fork because her spaghetti wouldn't roll up and stay put that I finally just told her to eat it with her fingers:

I just thought that this was a funny picture of her

Another messy Makayla

The girls both had their well child check-ups last week, Makayla her 9 months and Hailey her 3 year check here are their results:

Makayla: Weight: 17.3 lbs-25%
Length: 26 3/4-40%
Head: 17 1/2-75%

Hailey: Weight: 30.7 lbs-50%
Length: 36 1/2- 48%
Head: 88-60%

Anyway they are both doing great and are both really healthy. Makayla is going to have to get a lead poisoning test done since we live in a house built before 1950. I am really not look forward to this because they don't just do a little pin prick on the toe, they draw blood from a vein in her inner elbow, I can hear her tears already!

In other news Justin got a new job with Best Buy as a manager. He Just got back tonight from Seattle for some training and will be doing more training in the next few months in various places. I am hoping and praying that he will really love this job and that it will work out well for our family.

Hope your summer is going well and you're all having fun!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Hailey!!

This is our first born Hailey Christine Pelton 3 years ago . This was probably one of the first pictures ever taken of her. I thought that I would show a few pictures of her throughout the last few years, enjoy!

Hailey at about 5 months old

Hailey at about 7 months old loving her food

This is Hailey at about a year and a half playing in the fall leaves.

Still at 18 months, just a cute picture.

And a few months before she turned two listening to Daddy's music.

11 things about Hailey:

1: Hailey is a really picky eater
2:Hailey is very kind hearted. If someone is sad or crying she will come up to them and pat there back and asked if everything is alright. She then goes out of her way to make them happy.
3. She is scared to death of bugs. I think that she was born with this feature because I remember when she was as young as about 10 months if she saw a bug flying around she would scream and cry and run.
4. She loves sponge Bob square pants, a little too much.
5. She is attached to her blanket. She will not go to sleep without it, even though it does not provide much warmth. And I am not sure that you can really consider it a blanket anymore either...
6. Hailey loves to draw and paint and color. She can color for about an hour and be happy the whole time.
7. She is stubborn. She has to have things her way. She has to get in the car by herself, open doors by herself, everything has to be her way and she will let you know it.
8. A cute thing she says a lot is "can't". For example: "Mommy I can't want to go to bed." "Daddy I can't like that juice." I think that it's so cute that I don't bother to correct her.
9. She has a lot of energy. She just runs around in circles for the fun of it.
10. She loves strawberry milk.
11. She is super cute and becoming a great older sister. Makayla follows her around like a little puppy dog and just adores her.

Birthday weekend

Yesterday we went over to my parents house to celebrate her birthday. Here are some of the great things she got:

A super cute ballerina outfit from Grandma & Grandpa that she has just loved running around in

This will connect to our sprinkler for loads of summer fun.

Here she is blowing out her candles

Here is the cake that I stayed up until 2 in the morning making for her. I showed her a picture of a butterfly cake and this dinosaur cake and it took her about half a second to choose this.

Saturday afternoon we took Hailey and Makayla to a new indoor water park here in Billings. They both had a lot of fun.

Makayla and Daddy in the wave pool.

a picture of these two cute girls in their new swimming suits. Shouldn't they be swim suit models?

Friday we decided to go out to Chuck-E-Cheeses. Here she is driving on Daddy's lap

and finally flying her plane

I hope that we didn't spoil her too much this weekend! Last night she told me "Mom I really like birthdays!" Yes, birthdays when you're little are the best aren't they?
Anyway Hailey we love you so much you are such a blessing and you have changed my life in so many ways for the better! Even when we have bad days and are butting heads all day, I still go to bed loving you and thanking Heavenly Father for you in my life! Happy 3rd Birthday Hailey!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sneaky Girl

The other day I gave Hailey a small bag of mini oreos and told her that Makayla cannot have any. A few minutes later Makayla turned and looked at me and this is what I saw. The sad thing is I was sitting there the whole time and didn't even see it happen! I better sharpen up my hearing and eye sight!

Pain in my back

In unrelated news, I have had a lower back injury that I have been dealing with for about a year now. I think I injured it during the end of my pregnancy caring Makayla and Hailey. Some days I can't even get out of bed, I need Justin to come and help me up! (which makes me feel about a hundred years old) After I've been up for about an hour I usually get loose enough that I can manage the pain for the rest of the day. I have been doing physical therapy for about 3 weeks and this last week I got an MRI done. The results came back and it turns out that I have an "annular bulge posteriorly at T11-12 (whatever that means) and a paracentral disk herniation at L5-S1 that displaces the proximal aspect of the right S1 nerver root." Anyway I will have to get a series of epidinal steriod injections which will hopefully help solve this problem (along with the PT). I have really been misserable for a long time now and I've been having to take a lot of Motrin 800's and muscle relaxers. And I am sure my family is tired of hearing me complain about my back too!! So I am actually looking forward to these long needles going into my spine! Anyone out there ever been in this boat?? Or any other injuries that sidelined you for awhile??

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather lately and going outside in our yard for picnics and playing. Here are a few pictures I got of the girls the other day just playing with their toys together.

After wards I put them in the bath together, it's really nice the Makayla is old enough to sit in the bath with Hailey. Hailey really enjoys the company and I can kill two birds with one stone.

Every spring and summer time we always go down to the yellowstone river with the dog. Mocha loves, loves, loves to swim and run around chasing rabbits, birds and other small creatures. This time of year is the best, it's not to hot, not to cold and the bugs aren't really out yet.

We all enjoy walking around and throwing stick in for Mocha, here is the family exploring around.

So I had to take Makayla into the walk-in clinic last night because she had been running a fever all day. She didn't want to eat, didn't want to play, all she wanted to do in lay in my arms drifting in and out of sleep stairing off into nothing. It turns out that both of her ears are still infected. They gave her some heavy duty antibiotics and we have to take her in next week for a check up. The antibiotics are really annoying because her thrush comes back in full force everytime, but it is really the only way! Anyway we are really enjoying summer-like weather and happy to be getting out of the house! Hope where ever you are that you are having nice weather too!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friends Over For Lunch

Today Hailey got all the available "seats" out of her room and all of her largest stuffed animals and had them over for lunch. Two of the chairs were Makayla's bouncy chairs, and one of them was her Dora the Explorer four wheeler. She stood at her kitchen and said "I am cooking soup for my friends."

At one point she had to split up Dora and Diago because they could not get along.

After she slaved over lunch she sat down with good friends and enjoyed her feast.

Yesterday we went out in the nice whether and Hailey pushed Makayla on the swing for a good half an hour. They both enjoyed it. Makayla ALWAYS has her mouth hanging open too by the way.

We also took Makayla into the Doctors office today to get her thrush taken care of AGAIN. She has been battling it since she was born and this is her 4th round of meds. She is really old to be getting it still, it's really weird but the Doctor didn't seemed too concerned about it, he said as long as she wasn't still getting it after she turns 1 that it's ok, but I still think it's weird and annoying. We also found out that both of her ears are infected which would explain her fussiness lately and why she had a 102 degree temp on Sunday. Poor girl, although for someone who is so sick she is a pretty happy little girl!!